This logo was created to help brand the Family Readiness Group of my unit.  A family readiness group helps to support Soldiers and their families adjust to military life, it also provides a support system for when Soldiers are away from their families for extended periods of time.  I created this logo for my COM 561 class using Adobe Illustrator.  I used simple shapes and colors to create the family in the image.  The background I chose was created to provide a warm embracing tone.  Finally, the lettering of the design was chosen to be bold and easily read.  Using Adobe Illustrator allows for this logo to be used for a wide range of branding tools for the FRG.


This image designed for my COM 561 class was created to show the certification process of Cobra Battery.  It was created to be the opening slide for an update briefing to commanders or as a poster to motivate Soldiers in the unit.  I wanted to include all elements that make up the firing battery, to do this I isolated all of the different groups and unified them in one poster.  In the lower left the “Gun Line” image depicts a Soldier completing the gunner’s test.  The lower middle image shows Fire Direction Soldiers studying in their off time for their gunnery exams. The lower right image shows a leader flying on a helicopter as a part of the leadership certification program.  The images are unified by the centermost image, a helicopter completing an air assault mission with a howitzer.  I chose red as the background, the color of artillery, and a metallic background to add texture.

This assignment for my COM 561 was an audio story created using Adobe Audition.  For this story, I wanted to highlight the Lieutenants (LTs)of the battery and describe their various jobs that lead the battery as a whole to success.   For this, I interviewed the other 4 LTs and asked them questions like “what is your job?” and “what is it like to work with the other lieutenants?” After that, I recorded a general voice over to introduce each portion of the stories.  I then edited the interviews into a cohesive story.  To add a final touch, I added a backing track I found on Soundcloud creative commons.  This was the most enjoyable assignment for me and the assignment I feel I excelled at the most.

The final project for COM561 was a video story using Adobe Premiere.  For this story, I wanted to allow the audience to view an M320 Grenade Launcher range in action.  I shot video while at the range of various shooting tasks from different angles.  I wanted to highlight the action of shooting this weapon system, so I chose to get up and close to the subjects.  When editing, I chose the best shots I had and edited them down to a tight cohesive product.  I then recorded a voice over to describe the weapon and the range itself.  I edited the video further to accommodate the voice over.  I then added a backing track from a Soundcloud creative commons.  I then added transition effects to the video to allow for crisp transitions that did not jolt the audience unnecessarily.