Cobra Battery Completes M320 Range

Every unit has multiple weapon systems to engage enemy targets in different ways.  The Soldiers assigned to these systems must stay proficient in how to safely and accurately employ these weapons.  Cobra Battery utilizes the M320 as a way to engage buildings, vehicles, and dismounted enemies.  It has munitions for smoke, high explosive, illumination, and crowd control.

As a part of the qualification, grenadiers must complete multiple engagements of various types of targets, including two engagements in chemical protective masks.  The grenadiers have to estimate distance and use proper firing techniques to fully qualify.

For this video, I documented the qualification of this system as well as giving a description of the weapon system.  For inspiration, I watched other weapons videos such as and

I then shot the footage using my cellphone’s camera while completing the range.  I didn’t get some of the shots I would like due to my other responsibilities on the range, but I wanted to show the various firing positions and Soldiers in action.  After collecting the footage, I recorded with Audition a voice over for the video.  I laid out a basic overview of what the draft the sequencing to be with this tool:

Timestamp Visuals Audio
0:00 Title slide: Cobra Picture Background Music Begins
0:06 Establishing Shot Introduction Voice over, shooting
0:30 Photo 1 and Photo 2 of M320 Description of M320
0:40 Range finder
0:50 Near shot, side shooting Firing options
0:55 Close-up shot over the shoulder 1
1:10 CBRN Engagement 1 &2 Qualification Results
1:20 Close-up shot over the shoulder 2
1:25 Ending Credits Slide Closing audio, music fades

After composing the general order of audio and video, I then had to edit a few of the clips that were too large for the frame of the video.  I changed the scale on these videos to fit this frame.  The biggest recommendation that stood out to me from my peers and instructor was that some of the scenes seemed too long, or that the commentary over the video was too broken up.  For a simple solution to this problem, I cut unneeded clips as well as shortening the establishing shot.  I feel this created a tighter video in the long run.  I also timed the sequence of the final shot with “Cobra Stryke” to add a final conclusion to the video.

For the images of the M320 I used keyframes to provide a zoom out effect on the system.  I then used transitions on some of the clips to film dissolve into the next frame.

cobra nero

Courtesy of Luca Boldrini

M320 Stand-Alone System

M320 stand-alone with ladder and day/night sight

Courtesy of Army Program Executive Office

I added a backing song that I found on Soundcloud using creative commons license   For this track I faded the song in an faded the song out using audio transitions, crossfade.  The original volume of the song was a little too loud and overpowered the rest of the video, so I chose to lower the volume throughout.

To conclude the video project I added a title image and a closing credits slide.

Thank you for following the Cobra story!


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