LT Mafia of Cobra

For this Adobe Audition project, I chose to cover the Lieutenants (LTs) of Cobra Battery.  There are 5 total LTs in the battery: 1 Executive Officer (Brendan Rhatican), 2 Platoon Leaders (Brian Sullivan and myself, Luke Jean), and 2 Fire Direction Officers (Alec Stewart and Brianna Klein).  Each LT has their own team that accomplishes a specific mission essential to the batteries success.  In this audio story, I wanted to cover what each LT did, and what made our relationship as LTs special to the battery.

For the content, I interviewed the 4 other LTs.  Each of the interviews were about 5 minutes long.  For the story, I wanted to make sure that I was able to use content from each of the interviewees so I edited the tracks by taking bits of the conversation to more clearly tell the story.  I also chose to cut filler words from the dialogue. From there, I pieced together the general composition of the interviews with the order that I wanted to tell each portion (the actualities of the story). After I had the skeleton down, I recorded myself to introduce, explain, and conclude the overall piece (the narration of the story).  For some reason, the quality of my mic declined on the first draft recording, so I re-recorded all of my speaking portions.  I also decided to go a little more in-depth with the story in the introduction, as well as explaining the why “Cobra Stryke” is used to sign off the story.  These were fixed with the help of classmates critiques of the original draft. With this little bit of more information, I feel that the story is more complete.

Since the piece was more informational that story, I decided to add a background track to fill in gaps and make the dialogue stand out more.  I used “Dusk” by Unwritten Stories under a Creative Commons License.

I cut the song from the beginning to around the 50-second mark out.  I also chose to fade out the song at the end and cut the end portion of the song to fit the length of the dialogue.

From the suggestion of my instructor, I decided to add the actual firing of a howitzer adding an element of ambient sound, to what I feel was one of the strongest points in the interview.  It coincides with LT Klein talking about hearing the sound of artillery fire.  For this portion, I uploaded the audio of a video of a M777 firing during one of Cobra’s field exercises.  I wish I had the opportunity to record more troop activity, but the training schedule did not allow for it.

One of the biggest issues, that was voiced by a majority of the comments, I resolved in the final edit, was to ensure that the levels of all the different dialogue portions were about the same.  This was challenging because each interviewee talked at a different level and closeness to the mic.  I feel the final edit reaches a happy balance.

I hope this piece was informative to the inner workings of one of the many strengths to C Battery, the junior officer corps.


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