Lieutenant Mafia

For this Adobe Audition project, I chose to cover the Lietenants (LTs) of Cobra Battery.  There are 5 total LTs in the battery: 1 Executive Officer (Brendan Rhatican), 2 Platoon Leaders (Brian Sullivan and myself ,Luke Jean), and 2 Fire Direction Officers (Alec Stewart and Brianna Klein).  Each LT has their own team that accomplishes a specific mission essential to the batteries success.  In this audio story I wanted to cover what each LT did, and what made our relationship as LTs special to the battery.

For the content, I interviewed the 4 other LTs.  Each of the interviews were about 5 minutes long.  For the story, I wanted to make sure that I was able to use content from each of the interviewees so I edited the tracks by taking bits of the conversation to more clearly tell the story.  I also chose to cut filler words from the dialogue. From there, I pieced together the general composition of the interviews with the order that I wanted to tell each portion.  After I had the skeleton down, I recorded myself to introduce, explain, and conclude the overall piece.  For some reason, the quality of my mic declined on my personal recording so in the final piece I hope to troubleshoot and rerecord my portions.

Since the piece was more informational that story, I decided to add a background track to fill in gaps and make the dialogue stand out more.  I used “Dusk” by Unwritten Stories under a Creative Commons License.

I cut the from the beginning to around the 50-second mark out.  I also chose to fade out the song at the end and cut the end portion of the song to fit the length of the dialogue.

There are still many things I would like to edit about my piece, and over the spring break I hope to play around using the program to further grasp the full capabilities of sound editing.  Overall this project has been my favorite and I really enjoyed how the Adobe programisms I learned in Photoshop and Illustrator transferred over to Audition.

Your comments are greatly appreciated in making the piece stronger.  Please give me your critiques.



3 thoughts on “Lieutenant Mafia

  1. Luke,

    I really enjoyed many things about your audio draft story. First, the music that you chose complimented the piece very well. I was very in tuned the whole time and wanted to hear what the next person was going to say.

    Second, I love how you interviewed many people who all have different roles but the same goal-to help the team. I like how you had them introduce themselves; this helped solidify their roles and break up their responses.

    My two suggestions are:
    1.  I would add some recordings from one or two of the other questions you asked the group. I know you want to introduce everyone, but just to bring more depth into their actual stories.
    2. At the end, you say “cobra strike.” Maybe introduce that the meaning of that saying in the beginning to make the story come full circle. 

    Great job!


  2. Hi Luke,
    I think your introduction to the Lieutenants before their sound bites are strong. I like how each Lieutenant explained their responsibilities since I have never been in the military I wasn’t sure what Lieutenants do.

    The suggestions I have for the final audio sound is to lower the music in the background. I feel it is a bit loud and over powers the Lieutenant’s voices. I would suggest using the yellow line in Audition to bring up the volume of the voices to match the volume/projection of your voice. Your voice is a bit louder and the women tend to sound quieter.

    The other suggestion pertains to Alex and Briana: I am a little confused since there is a third voice and the guy doesn’t have an introduction unless that is Alex before and after Briana. If the third voice is Alex I would suggest putting both Alex’s sound bites together.

    I appreciate your hard work on your audio story since getting four people to agree to be interviewed could be hard. It seems like you work with a good group of people.


  3. The critiques I received for this assignment were very helpful. It is sometimes hard to appeal to the target audience when you already know the subject really well and forget that your audience is still new to the topic. The things I will try to fix for the final mix, which I noticed on subsequent listens and from the comments is the levels on the interviewees and the competing music. I will try to find a happy medium so that the story sounds like one story and not segmented pieces. I will also extend my portion of the piece to help better explain what each person’s role is. Finally, I will try to get the sound out of some of my soldier’s videos so that the audience can hear the most important part: THE BOOM!


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